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Altered Geek Unleashed – 128 – Opinions of Difference in Geekdom

AGU-PODThis week’s segments include Altered Opinions where we discuss Geeks Hate and the Counterpoint. We then jump to the AGNN, where we talk Power Rangers, Force Awakens, Fuller House, Star Trek, and Articles.  All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.





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Steve “Megatron” Phillips

Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

Doug Abel

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  1. Mike is completely not understanding at all what I was saying. Where did I say you have to like something? My quote which I guess you highlighted above was things people don’t care about. If I remember correctly my point was regarding geeks who make a point to tell people that they don’t care about the Super Bowl. My issue is not that they don’t care about it. Like what you want, why feel the need to tell everyone about your lack of interest. It’s like a group of people are having a conversation about something they enjoy, then someone comes up to those people, taps them on the shoulder, and says, “Hey you know that thing you are talking about, I don’t care about it”. Not caring is the opposite of having an opinion on it.

    I am honestly baffled by how you misrepresented my words in every detail. You seemed so dedicated in telling me to be more open, yet you didn’t even bother reading what I said. Again, where in my words did I say people have to like the same thing. When did I say people can’t like something. Or provide critiques of things. It’s legitimately insane to me that adults are so poor at understanding words.

    Here is the quote that you highlighted:

    Geeks really blow my mind sometimes. They are the only group I can think of that actively and regularly have to talk about things they aren’t going to do or tell people they aren’t interested in something.

    Things they aren’t going to do – Not things you did and didn’t like. Something you had no interest in doing and can provide no insight into. Again in reference to the Super Bowl I saw tons of geeks have to tweet or Facebook about how much they don’t care about the Super Bowl. Yet I never see my friends who aren’t geeks tweet or Facebook about how much they aren’t reading comics, going see Avengers, or whatever geek centric thing is dominating the news.

    I for one have commented on this with critical analysis of different subjects. My question is why was MIke’s question not asked of me in reply to my actual comment instead of using the podcast to make me look small minded.

    • My intention was not to make you look small minded at all. And I guess I misread what you wrote. I wanted to use the podcast, because I felt I could express myself better than writing in a comment, because lets face it comments on the internet get misunderstood all the time.

      I guess what I was trying to get at is WHY can’t I have a differing opinion and say I don’t like something. If I don’t like what everyone else likes I have the right to speak my mind.

      Sorry for misinterpeting your words.

    • I was attempting to try to grasp both sides of the coin here. I am unsure whether I fully succeeded in this or dug myself a larger hole. I get where both of you are coming from so maybe that nullifies my thoughts. I apologize as to the shorter version of the quote which I made the graphic. I was attempting to highlight the overall premise of the constructive criticism of our attack on the superbowl a few weeks back. Again may have helped to place the whole piece. I honestly wasn’t trying to attack or single you out at all as that wasn’t the intention.

      Curious however and this is completely side to the topic but have you ever been on a podcast before? I only ask as to sometimes with topics in these manners it maybe interesting to have this conversation or others like it (not necessarily this same topic) where we could actively converse where it could be better understood. I thought I grasped the conversation which is why I tried to bring up counterpoints but again unsure.

      I appreciate your input however and it is a very good question on why we have to feel like we have to mention for the sake of things rather than explain why we may feel that way about it when bringing it up.

      • Man, I leave for one show lol

        Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

        I kid 🙂

      • I have not been on a podcast. I don’t really have interest in participating beyond commenting to be honest.

        I’m a little confused regarding what you mean when you say play both sides of the coin and dig yourself a larger hole. First let me say I have no issue whatsoever for you using my comments,disagreeing with me, or posting them above like you did. I’m honored lol, if anything.

        My issue more so wasn’t that you agreed or disagreed with me.I thought you did a great job playing the other side of what Mike was saying. My issue was moreso Mike and Doug taking what I said to indicate that I was closed minded and thought everyone had to think the same way.

        I did not understand how they were getting what they were getting from what I said. If Mike and Doug were to say they think people should have the full right to say they don’t care about things as much as they do, or that non geeks complain about not caring about geek things just as much I can understand that as well. I don’t agree with that, but it is at least a response that my point.

        I apologize if I came off as harsh below but I was somewhat blindsided by the entire thing. I thought it was awesome you were responding to something I said, but I didn’t want people to get the wrong picture of me because Mike was misrepresenting what I was saying, and no one seemed to bother to refer to the actual words or question if that was the intent.

        • Again I apologize for taking your words out of context. Looking back on your full comment… The part about someone just jumping into a group that they are not apart of and saying they hate what you like…. I try my best to NEVER do that. If everyone is liking and talking about say TWD…. I’d only say meh not for me not into zombies.

          So my misinterpretation was in my thinking you were saying you didn’t like hearing people’s negative opinions in general. Again sorry. Please keep listening LOL!

          • And I 100% accept you apology, and never thought you had any malice in what you were doing. I know your intent was good and I appreciate that. And I’ll fully admit I may have responded stronger than I should. Got caught up in the moment. Thanks again and I look forward to next week.

  2. I agree with you guys that people get way too upset when other people do like the things that they do or can’t stand to hear bad reviews over shows that they love. It’s such a weird thing that we are all guilty of though. I mean I love Flash and when I hear people bad mouth it I honestly get upset. Now I had nothing to do with the creation of the show. I just watch it. Their points may even be valid and at the end of the day what someone says does not impact my enjoyment of my show — most of the time. With all that I still get compelled to comment or say something defending it. Its that ownership aspect I think we get where even something we didn’t create becomes ours and we take knocks on things we like as knocks on who we are. Someone times that are one in the same. Like when you hear people say only dumb people like the Transformers movies. I say that but is it fair? No. Sure dumb people do like those movies but so do many smart people. So all in all opinions are weird and the internet only makes them weirder.

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