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Altered Geek Unleashed – 117 – THE BATMAN, DLC AND ME

AGU-POD-3This week on Altered Geek, Steve, TFG1 Mike and Birdman Dodd we talk about Samurai Jack, Star Wars, Mark Hamill, DLC and Season Passes for Gaming, Our Top 100 Superhero placements, The Batman v Superman Trailer #2, and more!

All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.

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    • What did you think of the Batman v Superman Trailer?
    • What did you think of the Batman v Superman Trailer against the Captain America: Civil War Trailer?
    • Is there anything you’d like us to cover? Let us know!


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  1. Sorry but the Batman v Superman trailer is everything that is wrong with trailers today. They give away the while freaking movie. Give me something to wonder about. Superman is more wron than Man of Steel. Batman is holding guns, and Lex Luthor is more like t b e character Arcade from Marvel. Way too over the top.

    • Yeah I said I enjoyed the trailer. Didn’t say it was a good one. I guess I should have said it restored my faith in the film. However it like Terminator films gave away the whole thing. Marvel and Disney and Lucasfilm does know how to put together a trailer.

      Ok I wasn’t sure on the status of Captain Marvel. Well the Agent Carter and Jessica Jones are TV was moreso meaning film. The Agent Carter I enjoy over the Netflix Marvel shows.

      I do agree I dislike Lex, Batman holding a gun (hoping it’s not a real bullet gun) and Injustice God Superman. But it is also too early to tell. They should have gone DCAU in storytelling and tone and it would have defeated Marvel. I just think Marvel is going to lose it’s footing as the older characters get retired.

      • That’s why they are shifting focus to new characters and the Netflix stuff. Not to menation there’s still another Guardians movie, Doctor Strange, and at least two more Avengers movies with the current cast. That’s what at least four years of content left with the current people. That foothold isn’t going away anytime soon.

    • This basically summed it up accurately. https://youtu.be/IvqQbwY0HeM

  2. Sorry but the Batman v Superman trailer is everything that is wrong with trailers today. They give away the whole freaking movie. Give me something to wonder about. I know now how the entire fight between Sups and Batman ends now.

    Superman is more wron than Man of Steel. Batman is holding guns, and Lex Luthor is more like t b e character Arcade from Marvel. Way too over the top.

    Also Captain Marvel has a release date and not to mention Marvel already done Jessica Jones and Peggy Carter. So no Marvel isn’t collecting their balls. They ate so far ahead of DC in every level.

  3. So I’m listening to this and next thing I know I’m being told to “shove it” for expressing my thoughts on the Top 100 Countdown and the idea of placing Flash as a Top 10 show or even a Top 50 show of all time. If your goal was to get me to stop listening to things that you do you have succeeded. Why you would act is such a way when I did nothing but provide honest criticism (a very fair criticism if you ask me), and not once was I disrespectful in any manner. Its such a childish way to react to someone who is voicing their opinion on something. To say such a thing, and then to do so not directly at the person you are referring. Seriously not a great way to treat your fans.

    • NO that wasn’t the intention. I was getting other comments about it besides just you. I know it wasn’t phrased all that great and I’m not going to back peddle or try to cover it up. I will own up to it. It was shoddy-er than it should have been. And I own that. Your comments and others were fine as far as the debate. I had fun with it to some degree. Overall I think the list was successful despite some blatant omissions on everyone’s behalf.

      I just felt attacked because yes I voted for these things but that’s my opinion. Having listened to some of the titles mentioned in the comments that for all intents and purposes I missed in my list, I would have done some things differently if we were to do this again. Some of it was most definitely ranked on knowing how it would influence the list and same token because I find them to be great with what I have watched. Again that’s me, and my tastes I find some shows to be terrible or unable to watch. I realize my “shove it” style comment is offensive but to tell me I’m wrong is again an opinion of yours and makes me feel like you said the same to me. Not throwing knives just saying how I felt in that 30+ comment thread. I agree the rest aren’t up to snuff by any means I just felt that deserved it. Neither her nor there.

      I got beat for Boy Meets World too so it wasn’t just you. I was saying to all the people telling me voting for any super hero show with the “shove it” it was again this was my own list and I think specifically some should show up being a geek list and tv list. It wasn’t saying to “shove it” to you, it was those that want to say I am wrong for voting for them in the first place and think what I think.

      The beauty of this list and the others are we are all different, have different tastes, and gallery of shows we’ve watched or grown up with. But to knock me for nostalgia or the super hero shows again makes those putting me don’t for that just as wrong. That’s what my “shove it” comment was directed towards. I don’t have to vote for shows like the Office or Friends if I don’t watch them and don’t feel the pull or appeal.

      This list consisted of all of us having our own personal lists, bias and overall thoughts of what we think would make a Top 100 list. Same token, those that have done this before realize the placement on our personal lists can influence the overall depending on how we placed it. Making that mix with 30 lists waters it down significantly.

      I apologize if I offended and threw you under the bus. To be honest I had to re-listen to the episode to remember what was said. I won’t apologize for what I enjoy. I think super hero shows should be present but again there were other ones I should have exchanged had I remembered the shows existed. You were not wrong in questioning my motives but I felt you and others were wrong for telling me I was wrong for my methods. I will openly apologize for the dig next episode. If you feel you cannot listen to me anymore, I’m sorry but I have never told off a geeky friend. I merely disliked the distaste for my votes and having it dragged on for 30 comments when I explained it numerous times.

      That being said, in 2016 there will be a full one free range vote like the Top 100 but open to the public. So my opinions and votes may get a wash depending on how people vote overall.

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