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Time Travel By Fancy Film Editing, Revival Animation and Politically Correctness

On this episode of “Altered Geek,” Steve “Megatron,” TFG1Mike and Mike “The Birdman” Dodd discuss feedback from Scanner 51, the Animaniacs Revival, Dragon Ball Super’s first female Super Saiyan, Battlefield 1 Expansion, Politically Correctness in film, Creative Film Edits, Sony’s Clean Films, Stupidity in the world, The Woogie Parent Replacement tool.

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  1. I am enjoying the content, guys. Good podcast. I just wanted to comment briefly on politics in TV and movies. No disrespect, but pop culture often reflects the politics and, therefore, culture of the times. This is across many art forms, including music, comics, TV, and movies. Not every form of art has to take the approach of providing a social commentary.

    We can have movies that reflect the political concerns of the times, yet they do not necessarily draw you out of the film. Likewise, we can have films that are just good popcorn entertainment that provide an escape. It’s okay to have both.

    A lot of sci-fi focuses a lot on the current social and technological issues and challenges to tell a story. So, I was surprised to see discussion that aimed to keep politics and social culture out of film and media.

  2. Power rangers was fine. They wanted to do some new things, it’s not 1994. If they did the same thing with more fan service I dont think it would be any better. The better reboots tell different stories while returning to the universe we know. I find it hard to watch the first power rangers film now

    • Also on the novel front, all of Michael Chriscton’s novels are better then the films adapted from them. Jurassic Park, the lost world, Congo, timeline and sphere are all better novels.

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