AUTOBOTLY AUGUST – Transformers: Till All Are One V3

In Episode 323.5 of The Pull Bag Autobotly August 2018 concludes as we talk about Transformers Till All Are One V3! That’s right the Fembots are back for another week of Transformers comic goodness here inside The Pull Bag on All Things Transformers!  Join TFG1Mike and the three fembots that would give Austin Powers a run for his money. First up we have the Megatron obsessed, wrong Prime worshippin’ Heather aka Ha Hee Prime, and finally there’s that Wrecker girl. She wrecks, she rules it’s Aimee aka LadyWreck! Listen in as we tell you why we love reading these Transformers comics from IDW!! Plus we go off on a lot of tangents, something we haven’t done in awhile! As always Make Your Great Escape Into Comics!!!

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